Tax Season Internship Program 

Our unique internship program is an integral part of our practice. We are always looking for intelligent, talented, and competent accounting students to work alongside our professional accountants.

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An Internship in Accounting that can Jump Start Your Career

Our interns begin their training program in November, on their schedule, and gain experience practicing on individual tax returns, exploring both private and public sectors. They attend the same tax update seminars and meetings as the professionals in the firm. They also benefit from an individualized development plan for tax season and are exposed to the complexities of tax laws and deadlines. They are immersed in the demands of the accounting profession while benefitting from the comprehensive knowledge and support of our staff. 

We have found this approach to be less stressful and allows each individual’s skills and strengths to develop and mature within their scope of expertise. 

Why intern with us? 

  • Interns are involved in every step of the 1040 preparation process. By the end of the internship, they know what it takes to prepare tax returns, from start to finish.
  • We review every return and give our interns review points on which areas need to be fixed, and interns correct the errors themselves so they can learn.
  • Interns have direct contact with clients to gather information and answer client questions (with supervision).
  • Interns have access to every CPA in the office, including the firm partners who are very involved in the internship process.
  • By the end of the internship, interns have equivalent experience of a second-year tax staff person.

To learn more about our Internship Program and apply, please email Mike Royer. 

“If you’re looking for an employer that embraces company culture and pushes you to continuously further your knowledge, Royer Advisors and Accountants is just the place for you. Royer provided me with a valuable internship experience as an Administrative Tax Intern in 2022. I was able to complete the extensive tax training program while assisting the administrative team to work through the heavy volume of tax information coming in and out of the firm. This unique position has strengthened my knowledge of basic tax law and helped to expose me to hundreds of different tax forms. As an administrative tax intern, you get to see the start and end of the process of filing taxes, something you most likely won’t experience in your typical tax internship. This position set me up to join the firm the following season as a tax intern. I have undoubtedly felt more confident and been able to excel at my work with my background and knowledge provided from the prior year. 

Royer Advisors and Accountants will help you develop a greater understanding of what you learned in the classroom and give you the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real life situations. They give you the complete experience of what it is like to work at a CPA firm as a full-time employee. After my internship experiences, I have a better concept of the diverse profession of accounting and what to expect when starting my career after college. From fun events planned throughout the busy tax season, to gatherings for office lunches, the BTR family will make you feel like you’re right at home.”

“We all worked very hard during the tax season, but the atmosphere was not stressful at all – in fact, it was fun! A big factor in that is their wellness program: I was very surprised to learn that Royer provides free healthy snacks and food and also chair massages towards the end of the season, something we all appreciated greatly.”

“If you’re contemplating an internship, I would 110% recommend Royer. Not only will you get the chance to work with great people, but you will learn more than a classroom could ever teach you.”

“Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to serve as a Tax Preparer Intern at Royer Public Accountants. From day one, you and the entire team made me feel like a valued member of the tax team. The training and support gave me the skills to prepare federal and state tax returns and helped me build my confidence in communication, time management, and attention to detail.

The experience for me was something I would never have received in a classroom. I didn’t have any experience in taxes when I started my internship, so I learned a lot about taxes and tax preparation that I didn’t know before. From learning about standard deductions to IRA forms and rules, HSA’s, 1099’s, and K-1s, I can confidently say I know 100% more than I did when I started.

The experience I gained will help me professionally and academically as I move on with my studies and career in accounting and finance.

I am grateful to the team for giving me the training and experience. I could not have asked for a better internship experience anywhere. Thank you again, so much.”